1.Invoking Force Majeure Clause on Port activities and Port operations.-25/3/2020

2.Sensitizing the District Administration, so that port operations are not affected.-25/3/2020

3.Statewise Lockdown Notification-25/3/2020

4.Setting up of a control room in DPIIT to monitor the issue of internal trade,manufacturing, delivery & logistics of     essential commodities during the lockdown period.-26/3/2020

5.Import clearance of Essential Food items.-26/3/2020

6.Futures trade for Castor seeds trading-26/3/2020

7.Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for maintaining supply of Essential Goods.-27/3/2020

8.Advisory on non- charging of container detention charges on import shipments.-29/3/2020

9.Difficulties faced by exporters in shut down by COVID 19 – effect on Manufacturers / exporters of essential good and in services / agri products. food/feed- further interventions.-30/3/2020

10.Import Clearance and Food Testing Labs classified as Essential Services by FSSAI during the COVID- 19.-3/4/2020

11.Clarification on smooth flow of essential goods and services.-4/4/2020

12.Corona will be defeated.-4/4/2020

13.Rajasthan Government Guidelines clarifying the activities that are permitted during lockdown.-6/4/2020

14.Extending the dates for Filing of GST Returns, and Relaxations in LateFees, etc. Gazette Notifications issued by Ministry of Finance-6/4/2020

15.Importers/ Exporters permitted to submit Undertaking to the Customs, in lieu of Bond-7/4/2020

16.Public Notice -Issue of Essential service duty pass to various members of Trade coming to JN Port, Navi- Mumbai during breakdown of COVID-19 Lock down period/ regarding.-8/4/2020

17.Webinar on “Food Processing Sector in light of COVID-19 Scenario & Opportunities for Startups”-24/4/2020

18.SEA’s COVID19 SAFE UNITS (CSU) Program. – SURAKSHA Program-25/4/2020