Welcome Address 
1.Mr.  Atul Chaturvedi, President, SEA
2.Dr. Luis Miguel Etchevehere Agriculture Secretary (Minister) Government of Argentina
Country Session- Producing & exporting countries
1.Demand supply and export scenario of Sunflower seed, meal, and oil in Ukraine
    Ms. SvitlanaSynkovska, Marketing Director APK Inform Agency, Ukraine
2.Demand supply and export scenario of Sunflower seed, meal and oil in Argentina
    Mr. Gustavo Idigoras, President CIARA
3.Africa- A New Horizon, Opportunities & Challenges
   Mr. Govind Venuprasad, Coordinator, ITC Geneva, Switzerland
4.Demand/ Supply & Export Scenario in Russia
   Mr. Anton Gritsai, Director, EFKO Group of Companies, Russia
Country Session- Consuming & importing countries
1.Why the Indian Sunflower Oil Sector is in ACatch-22 situation ?
    Mr. Ali Muhammad Lakdawala, Manager (Procurement) ITC Ltd Bangalore
2.Overview of oils and fats industry in China
    Dr. Yuanrong Jiang, Wilmar Global  R& D Center, China
3.Current situation and future trend of China Sunflower oil
    Mr. Gang Fang, Director, Wilmar, China
Production Technology Session
1.Latest Techniques In Physical Refining Of Sunflower Oil
   Mr. Rohit Bangera, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, DVC Process Technologist, Pune
2.Research Progress on the Flavor Roasted Sunflower Oil
   Prof. Gangcheng Wu, Jiangnan University, China
3.Precise Minimal processing of Sunflower oil
   Dr. Shengmin Zhou, Manager, Wilmar Global R & D Center, China
4.Argentina Sunflower Oil, Nutritional & Food Safety Aspects
   Dr. (Mrs.)Angela Orlando,Director, Greenlabs, Argentina
5.Sunflowerseed, Oil& Meal- International/ Codex Specifications updates
  Dr.  Prabodh Halde,Head- Technical (Regulatory) M/s. Marico Limited, Mumbai