1.Speech delivered by Mr. Atul Chaturvedi , President SEA at AGM meeting
2.Speech Delivered by Mr. Atul Chaturvedi, President SEA at the SEA Awards function
3.Mr. Govindbhai G. Patel, India‚Äôs Oilseeds Crop Scenario for 2019/20 & Demand and                                        Supply of Edible  Oils
4. Mr.Anghsu Mallick, Branding of Commodities in Edible Oil Market
5. Shri Haresh S. Vyas, Sustainability : Castor Farming And Water Harvesting
6. Mr Dorab E Mistry, Director,India in the context of World Commodities 
7. Shri Vijay Sardana,Role of Oilseed Sector in ensuring Healthy Five Trillion Economy