SEA Handbook 2014

A unique Reference Book and Ready Reckoner for the most up to date information on Indian Vegetable Oil Industry & Trade. The Handbook, consisting of 1300 pages and is divided into 37 chapters. A separate chapter is dedicated to each of the following topic:

  • Indian oilseeds crushing industry
  • Solvent extraction industry
  • Manufacturers & exporters of feed ingredients
  • Acts & Rules
  • Statutory Permission & Safety Provisions For S. E. Industry
  • Food Grade Hexane
  • Standard & Model Contracts
  • Codex Alimentarius
  • Nutritional Information / Facts on Lables for Edible Oil
  • Vegetable Oil Industry And Carbon Credits
  • ISO Standards
  • The BIS & EU Negative Quality Standards Of Feeding stuffs
  • Phytosanitary Regulation For Oilseeds & Oilmeals
  • Animal & poultry feed industry
  • Soap & detergent industry
  • Oleochemicals Industry
  • Vanaspati industry
  • Vegetable oil refining industry
  • Indian Dairy industry
  • Cocoa Butter equivalent and its usage in Chocolate
  • Import of edible oils
  • Exports of castor oil & derivatives
  • Indian exports of oilseeds
  • Hybrid / Certified seeds of oilseeds
  • World’s Feed Millers Association & country-wise feed update
  • Exim Policies & Procedures for Oilseeds,Oils & Oilmeals
  • Right to information Act
  • Futures Trading
  • Patent System
  • Pollution
  • Ports and railways infrastructure
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Financial Assistance Schemes available to Vegetable oil industry
  • Monogram on Indian oilseeds, oils and oilmeals
  • Up to date statistics on Indian vegetable oil industry
  • Statutory regulations and host of other information
CD-ROM of SEA Handbook 2009

The CD ROM of the SEA Handbook 2014 will provide you the added advantage of Unique “Search facility” enabling to locate data at once on the screen. Regrouping & rearrangement of various subjects in simple manner.

Over 10,000 addresses of who’s who in the industry and abroad with powerful search function.

II. Handbook on Rice Bran Processing

A Reference Book for the information on Rice Bran, Rice Bran Oil The Handbook consisting of 850 pages and is divided into 12 sections with 86 chapters and 21 tables & charts.

III. 42nd Annual Report Of The Association (2012-13)

It is a yearly publication which contains an up to date list of members (844) of the Association with name and address, telephone no. and name of key persons and their business activities. It provides information on ‘who is who’ in Indian Solvent Extraction industry. It also provides current statistics, present production and exports of Indian feed ingredients.

IV. SEA Delegation Reports

These reports give report of the delegation led by the Association from time to time various countries for promoting exports of Indian feed ingredients. It contains country wise profile, import potential, details of feed millers & importers feed ingredients.

Copies of delegation reports Visit to –
  • Mediterranean & European Countries (1994)
  • Far East Countries(1995)
  • Middle East Countries (1997)
  • Far & South East Asian Countries (2000)
  • Japan & Thailand (Rice Bran Oil)(2001)
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Complex (2001)
  • Indonesian Palm Oil Complex (2002)
  • Study Tour of USA & Canada (2003)
  • China Oilseed Complex (2004)
  • Pakistan Oilseed & Oil Complex (2005)
  • South East Asian Countries (2005)
  • Latin American Countries (2007)
  • South East Asian Countries (2008)
  • South East Asian Countries (2009)
  • Middle East Countries (2010)
  • China & Cambodia (2011)
  • Bangladesh (2012)
  • Iran & Turkey (2013)
  • Far East Countries (2014)
V. Proceedings of National Seminars on Rice Bran Oil
  • 1st at Hyderabad in April, 1998
  • 2nd at New Delhi in May, 1999
  • 3rd at Goa in June, 2000
  • 4th at Kolkata in July, 2001
  • 5th at Chandigarh in June, 2002
  • 6th at Lucknow in July, 2003
  • 7th at Raipur in July, 2004
  • 8th at New Delhi in July, 2005
  • 9th at Mumbai in May, 2006 (CD)
  • Doctors’ Meet on Rice Bran Oil Virtues 2006
  • 10th at Chennai in June 2007 (CD)
  • Doctors’ Meet on Rice Bran Oil Virtues 2007
  • 11th at Kolkata in August 2008 (CD)
  • 12th at Vijayawada in August 2009 (CD)
  • 13th at Mumbai in April 2012 (CD)

Numerous technical and commercial papers pertaining to manufacture & promotion of rice bran oil were presented at the seminar and after extensive discussions recommendations were drawn at the seminar. The proceedings, the papers and the recommendations at the National Seminar on Rice Bran Oil are now available in bound book form. The Proceedings Book also contains additional papers on the subject as well as addresses of all the speakers and delegates at the seminar. The Book would be useful for reference and help forge closer understanding, exchange of ideas & knowledge amongst all connected with rice bran oil so that the rice bran oil could capture the position of premium cooking oil that it needed deserves.

VI. Proceedings of National Seminars on Cattle, Poultry & Aqua Feed
  • 1st at New Delhi in Feb. 2000
  • 2nd at Pune in Feb. 2001
  • 3rd at Bangalore in Feb. 2002
  • 4th at Chandigarh in Feb. 2003
  • 5th at Coimbatore in April 2004
  • 6th at Cochin in June 2005
  • 7th at Hyderabad in April, 2006 (CD)
  • 8th at Vadodara in April 2007 (CD)
  • 9th at Lucknow in June, 2009 (CD)
  • 10th at Kolkata in July, 2010 (CD)
  • Feed & Feed Ingredients Conclave at Jaipur in July, 2011 (CD)
  • Feed & Feed Ingredients Conclave at Bangalore in July, 2012 (CD)
VII. Proceedings of National Seminars on Technology Upgradation in Vegetable Oil Industry
  • 1st at Mumbai in April, 2001
  • 2nd at Mumbai in May, 2002
  • 3rd at Mumbai in Dec. 2003
  • 4th at Hyderabad in Nov. 2004
  • 5th at New Delhi in Dec., 2005 (CD)
  • 6th at Hyderabad in Jan., 2007 (CD)
  • 7th at Mumbai in June 2008 (CD)
  • 8th at Hyderabad in May 2010 (CD)
  • Workshop on Tree Borne Oilseeds at Raipur in July, 2004
VIII. Proceedings of National Seminars on Castorseed, Castor Oil & its value added products
  • 1st at Ahmedabad in May, 2003
  • 2nd at Ahmedabad in Feb., 2004
  • 3rd at Mumbai in Feb., 2005
  • 4th at Rajkot in Feb., 2006 (CD)
  • 5th at Ahmedabad in Feb., 2007 (CD)
  • 6th at Ahmedabad in Feb., 2008 (CD)
  • 7th at Rajkot in Feb., 2009 (CD)
  • 8th at Ahmedabad in Feb., 2010 (CD)
  • 9th at Ahmedabad in Feb., 2011 (CD)
  • 10th Global Castor Conference in Feb. 2012 (CD)
  • 11th Global Castor Conference in Feb. 2013 (CD)
IX. Booklet on Scientific Groundnut Cultivation and its Advantages (in Gujarati Language)
  • SEA-PORAM Vegetable Oils Contracts & Arbitration Workshop Part-I (Background Papers) – 2011
  • SEA-FOSFA Vegetable Oils Contracts & Arbitration Workshop Part-II (Background Papers) – 2011
  • SEA-FSSAI Workshop on Food Safety & Standards Act & Regulation (Background Papers) – 2012

The above item no. I to IX are price publications available from the Association on payment. Contact Association for further details & price.

X. SEA Monthly News Circular

This is a unique monthly journal published by the Association giving monthly up to date information on Indian vegetable oil industry. These copies are sent free of cost to the members of the Association.