1 Welcome Address 
   Mr. Atul Chaturvedi, President, SEA.
2 Welcome Address 
   Mr.Sandeep Bajoria, Chairman, AICOSCA.
3 Wonderful Attributes of Cottonseed Oil 
   Mr.Sandeep Bajoria, Chairman, AICOSCA
4 Indian Cotton Production & Export Scenario 
   Shri Dhiraj Khaitan, Mg. Director M/s. Sri Salasar Balaji Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
5 Gujarat- Cottonseed Oil Growth Story – a Learning Experience 
   Shri Priyam Patel, Vice President, M/s.N.K. Proteins Pvt.Ltd., Ahmedabad
6 Prospects and Issues of Cottonseed Oil Production – Road Map by 2023 
   Shri P. Koti Rao, Hon. Secretary, AICOSCA
7 Cottonseed Oil an its Nutritional Value 
   Dr. R.B.N. Prasad, Former Chief Scientist & Head, CSIR, Hyderabad
8 Regulatory Challenges Faced by Vegetable Oil Industry with  Special Reference to Cottonseed Oil 
   Dr. Prabodh S. Halde, Head-Technical Regulatory Affairs M/s. Marico Limited, Mumbai
9 Best Usage of Cottonseed Meal in Feed  Formulation
   Dr. Dinesh T. Bhosale, Regional Sales Director M/s. AB Vista South Asia, Pune.
10 Future Prospects of Cottonseed/Cottonseed Meal for Food and Feed Purposes 
     Dr. Sujata Saxena, Principal Scientist, CIRCOT, Mumbai
11 Cattle  Feed Mix with Cottonseed Meal  & its Nutritional Benefit 
     Dr. D. Srinivas Kumar,  Professor and Head, Dept. Of  Animal Nutrition, Ganapavaram, A.P.
12 Chartist View on Edible Oil with Special Focus on Cottonseed and Cottonseed Oil Price  Behaviour 
     Mr.Nagraj Meda, M.D. M/s. Trasngraph Consulting P. Ltd