The Association caters two types of Membership viz. Ordinary and Associate.

Ordinary Membership

Any person, firm or company who is engaged in the business of Solvent Extraction in India or who, with a view to do the business of Solvent Extraction in India or has taken effective steps to establish Solvent Extraction Plant can apply for Ordinary Membership.


Any person, company or society or Association in trade, commerce or industry or otherwise interested in aims and objectives of the Association shall be eligible to become an Associate of the Association. i.e. solvent extraction processors, oilmillers, refiners, vanaspati manufacturers, merchant exporters, brokers,traders, plant & machinery manufactures, consultants, surveyors / analysts etc. An Associate has no voting rights but all information and circulars are supplied to him.

Admission Fee & Annual Subscription

Association year is from 1st April to 31st March, Full amount is payable irrespective of the date of joining. Payment should be remitted by Cash or Demand Draft / Cheque payable at Mumbai. Up Country Cheque will not be accepted.


(w.e.f. 01-04-2023)


Admission Fee



Annual Subscription



Mailing Expenses


Sub Total



GST         @18%       



Ordinary Members







Associate Indian Companies







Associate (Foreign)







*All the prices are in Indian Rupees (INR)

You may take the printout of this form, fill up the form and send to SEA office along with payment. On receipt of the application we will put up your application to Managing Committee Meeting for consideration.

SEA Membership Form 2023-24


Daily Rates by E-mail

SEA registers every day Daily Rates for oilseeds, oilcakes, rice bran, edible & non-edible oils, S.E.oils, S.E. refined oils etc. from the Mumbai market for domestic and international markets, which are published every month in SEA News Circular. You can avail the daily rates from the Association on daily basis by E-mail in the evening, at a nominal annual fee of Rs.5,900/- (Rs.5,000/- + 18% GST Rs. 900/-) per annum (April – March).

Extra Set of Circulars (Hard Copy)

The Association despatches one set of Circulars as well as Monthly SEA News Circulars (by post) free of cost to all the members (as mentioned above). If desired, you can receive an additional set of the same for your Factory/Branch Office on payment of Rs.5,900/- (Rs.5,000/- + 18% GST  Rs. 900/-) per set per annum (April – March).

Important Circulars by E-mail

The Association sends the important Circulars by E-mail on complementary basis to the registered members of the Association. In case you desire to receive this information for your staff, branch office or factory; on additional E-mail addresses, the Association provides this service at a nominal charge of Rs. 3,540/- (Rs.3,000/- + 18% GST Rs. 540/-) per annum for every additional E-mail address.

Hosting of your Web Page/ Linking your Website to Sea Website

SEA has an excellent & colourful website, which provides the most up-to-date information on vegetable oil industry and is visited by over 10,000 visitors per month. Many members have hosted their web pages / linked their web site to the Association’s website and have been tremendously benefited. You can host your Web Pages or Link your Website to SEA Website at to avail better dissemination of information about your products & services,

SEA Publications

The Association publishes SEA Handbook (every three years), Annual Report, Seminar Proceedings (hard & soft version) and Delegation Reports. You can avail these publications at a discount price offered to the members. The details of SEA Publications are given on the Publications page.