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10th August 22
Rs./ MT  70000 GN Seed Kernel (Saurashtra) Crushing Quality
Rs./  MT 62000 Soyabean seed (Indore)
Rs./MT 69000 Rape/Mustard seed (Rajasthan) (Ex-Mandi)
Rs./ MT 68500 Sunflower seed (Karn./Mah.) (Ex-Mandi)
Rs./ MT 74350 Castorseed (Guj.) (Ex-Mandi)
Rs./ MT 125000 Sesameseed (white 99/1) (hulled) 
Rs./ MT 34500 GN Exp.cake (Guj) 50/2.5
Rs./ MT 34000 Sunflowerseed Exp.cake (Mah/Karn) 25/2.5
Rs./ MT 26500 Rapeseed Exp.cake (Raj) 40/2.5
Rs./ MT 30400 RB Raw (16/5/8) Punjab
Rs./ MT 35000 GN Ext. (Ex-Saur.) 45/2.5
Rs./ MT 17500 RB Ext. (Ex-Punjab) 16/5/8
Rs./ MT NQ Kardi Ext.(Ex-Maharashtra) 20/2.5
Rs./ MT 51000 Soya Ext.( EX-Indore) 48/2.5
Rs./ MT 19800 Rapeseed Ext. (Ex-Rajasthan) 38/2.5
Rs./ MT 29500 Sunflowerseed Ext. (Ex-Mah/Karn) 30/2.5
Rs./ MT 28000 Cotton Ext. (Ex-Guntur) (38/16) O & A & Fibre
US $/ MT 675 Soyabean Ext.(FAS) (Bulk) (Ex-Kandla) 48/2.5
US $/ MT 295 Rapeseed Ext. (Bulk) (Ex-Kandla) 38/2.5
US $/ MT NQ Groundnut Ext.(Bulk) (Ex-Kandla) 45/2.5
US $/ MT 164 Castormeal Ext. (Bulk) (Ex-Kandla)
US $/ MT 205 Rice Bran Ext.(FAS) (Bulk)(Ex-Kolkata) 16/3.5
Rs./ MT 53000 Soybean Ext. (FOR) Ext. (Bulk) Yellow (Ex-Kandla) 48/2.5
Rs./ MT 20200 Rapeseed Ext. (FOR) (Bulk) (Ex-Kandla) 38.2.5
Rs./ MT NQ Groundnut Ext. (FOR) (Bulk) (Ex-Mundra) 45/2.5
Rs./ MT 12850 Castormeal Ext (FOR) (Bulk) (Ex-Kandla)
US $/ MT 1045 RBD Palmolein FOB Malaysia/ Indonesia
US $/ MT 1100 RBD Palmolein C&F Mumbai (Indonesia)
US $/MT 1100 RBD Palmolein C& F Mumbai (Malaysia)
US $/ MT NQ Crude Palm Oil (CPO) FOB Indonesia
US $/ MT  1120 Crude Palm Oil (CPO) C&F Mumbai
US $/ MT 1485 Soya Degum (Crude) CIF Mumbai
US $/ MT 1650 Sunflower Oil (Crude) CIF Mumbai
US $/ MT 1885 Castor Oil (First grade) FOB Kandla (Export)
Rs./ Mt  NQ Rapeseed Oil (Canola Oil) C&F Mumbai
Rs./ MT 163000 Groundnut Oil
Rs./ MT 139000 Rapseed Oil
Rs./ MT 150000 Sunflower Oil
Rs./ MT NQ Kardi Oil
Rs./ MT 125000 Linseed Oil
Rs./ MT 225000 Sesame Oil (Low FFA)
Rs./ MT 148000 Washed Cottonseed Oil
Rs./ MT 148500 Castor oil (Comm)
Rs./ MT NQ Mahua Oil
Rs./ MT NQ Karanja Oil
Rs./ MT 125000 RBD Palmolein (Imported Oil)
Rs./ MT 124000 Crude Degummed Soyabean Oil (Ex-Mumbai) (Imported Oil)
Rs./ MT 113500 Crude Palm Oil (5%)(Ex-Kandla) (Imported Oil)
Rs./ MT 122000 Solvent Ext. Soyabean Oil (Indore)
Rs./ MT 119000 Solvent Ext. R.B. Oil (RG-I)
Rs./ MT 116000 Solvent Ext. R. B. Oil RG-II (Industrial)
Rs./ MT NQ Solvent Ext. Neem Oil
Rs./ MT 151000 Solvent Ext. Refined Cottonseed Oil (Excl.ST)
Rs./ MT  NQ Solvent Ext. Refined Rapeseed Oil (Excl.ST)
Rs./ MT 128500 Refined Soyabean Oil (Excl.ST)
Rs./ MT 144000 Refined Rice Bran Oi Punjab l(Excl.ST)
Rs./ MT 159000 Refined Sunflowerseed Oil (Excl.ST)
Rs./ MT 163000 Refined Groundnut Oil (Excl.ST)
US $/ MT  745 P.F.A.D. – FOB Malaysia Non Edible Oil
US $/ MT 860 P.F.A.D. – CIF Kandla NON Edible Oil
Rs./ Tons. 75000 P.F.A.D. – Ex-Factory Kandla Non Edible Oil
US $/ MT 1200 Crude Palm Kernal Oil (5%) – FOB Indonesia
US $/ MT 1250 Crude Palm Kernel Oil (1.75% FFA) C&F India
Rs./ Tons. 100000 Refined Palm Sterin (Mumbai/ Kandla)